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The Best Spa Bathroom Inspiration

If you have been following along, you know that for the last couple of months I have been living with my husband in our travel trailer. The rental market in Victoria, BC is insane – less than 1% availability in rental properties. Since Colin is newly self employed and I have been looking for work, buying is a total non-option for us right now. So we have been living in our trailer while we look for a rental!

If all of this seems a little (or a lot) confusing, check out these posts to get a grasp on how we have totally blown up our lives and started over!

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The latest news is exciting and twofold. I start my new job on Tuesday AND we have an apartment lined up for August 1st! Woot woot! So incredibly excited!

Not that I haven’t totally enjoyed living in 23 feet of love and understanding with my dear hubby! I love to camp in our trailer, but the bathroom in our abode leaves a little a whole LOT to be desired. I’m not ungrateful for what we have and where we are. But my knees almost touch the bathroom door when I pee. #overshare

Our new apartment has a separate shower stall and soaker tub. Not a shower/tub combo. Once we move in, that tub will be getting some major bath time with me.  Red wine, good books, scented candles. I may just live in there.

Since it is a rental, we will be limited to the extensiveness of any changes. So I have been scouring the internet to find solutions to make my bathroom relaxing and spa-like. With just enough of a rustic touch to keep mama happy.

white bathroom with wood accents
via Hotel Son Jaumell
This bathroom is from Hotel Son Jaumell in Mallorca, Spain. Holiday time anyone? But I love the inspiration for a simple crisp bathroom with rustic wood accents. Even the log stool is the perfect touch.

reclaimed wood bath caddy DIY
via e-how
This tutorial from e-how for a bathtub caddy meets all my needs. Rustic, easy to DIY, and a built-in wine holder. See that reclaimed wood caddy in the hotel photo? Here’s the how-to!

You need to head to Jenna Sue Design Co. to see the full reveal on this bathroom. But I love these wood shelves with black metal hardware. I have no problem filling holes when I move out of a rental, so something like this may need to happen!

I have been eyeballing a lot of tiered stands on Pinterest, to store the pretty things in the bathroom, and to help keep small counters clear. You can see how Golden Boys and Me has styled one in her bathroom. I also love this stand made from enamelware bowls by Knick of Time Interiors! The chipped bowls have new life as tiered storage.

via Design Chic
And just for a little more design candy, I am in love with this bathroom from Design Chic! Not sure that I can fit a chaise lounge in my bathroom, but the soft window treatments and the fresh flowers are gorgeous.

What do you do to make your bathroom feel fresh and spa-like? Any DIY ideas here you are dying to try? Share with me in the comments!

XOXO Aubrey



2 thoughts on “The Best Spa Bathroom Inspiration

  1. I really like the rustic shelves! And that bathtub plank is soooo easy to create! As always, you are full of inspiration!


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