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DIY Vintage Art 

I was never the artistic child in my family. I always loved to write, but I couldn’t draw very well at all. My brother and sister have always been very artistic. My sister, Naomi, is gifted at art. She once drew a picture of our cat…while the car slept in her lap. It looked like a photo.

I was also the only one from our family trio who usually came home from the Pentel International Art Exhibition competition in elementary school empty handed. Naomi once got a complete set of high quality pastels for a top contribution. At 12. I wasn’t allowed to use them. Big sisters…I tell ya.

Those prize pastels

Despite my childhood artistic shortcomings, I love to paint. Though I am a far cry from Monet, I like to hang what I make on my walls. There are a few pieces that remain stashed in a spare room closet (because I hate them), but a lot of it is in my living room.

You don’t have to be Renoir to make your own art for your home. If you are anything like me, you will get addicted to the calming effects of paint on canvas, and soon your walls will be full of your creations. Don’t be afraid to experiment, mess it up, start over, or just give all your friends and family “unique, one of a kind” gifts for every occasion!

If you prefer not to jump in head first, this project is the perfect “dipping your toe in the water” first attempt at hanging something you made on your wall.

The first step is finding a vintage/retro piece that you like. Mine is just a page from a magazine in the 1950’s. I loved the passion surrounding a set of silverware. Haha!

Once you find that perfect piece, buy a canvas that is slightly larger than the chosen image.

The best paint for beginners is acrylic. Even a basic craft paint will work on this.

Then just paint a messy background, leaving white edges visible and brush strokes in all their glory. I liked black for the stark contrast with the greyscale advertisement.

Once the paint is dry, attach your vintage image. I used double-sided adhesive foam squares I had for scrapbooking, and they held the image away from the canvas slightly and gave it a nice depth.

And you’re done! Hang this baby proudly where it makes your heart happy. 

XOXO Aubrey


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