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Turkey Stuffed Yorkshire Puddings

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian readers! We celebrated on Sunday to allow Monday to be a relaxing day off before the return to the daily grind.

If I do say so myself, we made one of the best turkeys we have made yet. It seems to always happen when we have no guests and no one to impress. 

So in the words of Colin’s grandpa…”All the more for me.” We will be eating that delicious bird for a week.

And that right there is the double edged sword. Turkey leftovers are the best, until you turn a corner and you never want to see another turkey sandwich again. At least until Christmas. So I have tried to switch it up a bit on how we eat the leftovers. I am not a huge turkey soup fan, and I have tried a few casseroles that were good but not great. So this year I brought out the big guns. Turkey stuffed Yorkshire puddings.

I have always loved a good yorkie. Light but chewy, crisp on the outside. Yasssss. I mean, they are cooked in meat drippings, so how could they not be delicious?

So I stuffed them with turkey simmered in au jus, topped them with a little cranberry sauce, and drizzled them with gravy. An easy but delicious meal for the day after Thanksgiving!

Yorkshire Puddings 

(From the Best of Bridge)

1.5 cups flour

3/4 tsp salt

3/4 cup milk

3 eggs, beaten

3/4 cup water

Turkey or roast drippings (or oil if no drippings available)

1. In a blender mix flour, salt, milk, eggs and water. Blend well and leave at room temperature for 1 hour. Every time you walk by – Give it a whirl! 
2. When roast is done, remove from oven and cover with foil to keep warm. Preheat oven to 400F. Pour 1 Tbsp (15 ml) beef drippings, melted butter or oil into 12 medium muffin tins. Place in oven until bubbling hot. (Watch closely because you don’t want the butter to burn.)

3. Remove from oven and pour batter into hot drippings. Bake at 400F for 20 minutes and then at 350F for 10 minutes longer. Yorkshire will puff up and be hollow inside. Fill with turkey meat, top with cranberry sauce and drizzle with gravy. Serve immediately. 

What are your favourite Thanksgiving leftovers? Let me know in the comments below! 

XOXO Aubrey


33 thoughts on “Turkey Stuffed Yorkshire Puddings

  1. Aubrey,
    I have never heard of Yorkshire pudding. It looks amazing and by the name it sound like it’s a English dish. Is it? Either way it looks delicious and I am pinning for our Thanksgiving.


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