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A Hand-Lettering Tutorial Even You Can Do! *And a Giveaway!*

I write this title a little tongue in cheek, because when people see hand lettered signs, they often think it is something they can’t pull off. The big secret is, most people painting hand lettered signs aren’t calligraphy masters who can pull it off freehand. Some are, but not most.

Any time I try to write all fancy freehand, it ends up looking like the same lettering I used in the margins of my high school notebooks, with swirls and flowers and a decidedly unprofessional look.


So here is my not-so-secret method. 

First I open up a trusty Word document. I play with Word Art and different fonts on a favourite quote. If you have a fancier program, feel free to use that instead, but Word is pretty accessible to most of us. Play with fonts, a mix of styles and sizes, until you get just the right mix.

print off of quote
At this point you can use carbon paper to transfer the design. I didn’t want to go out and buy carbon paper, so I used a simple trick!

Flip over your printed paper, and using a basic pencil, scribble over each letter. 

scribbling over letters of quote on back of print out

Keep going until you have scribbled on the whole paper! See what I mean – no artistic talent required here!scribbling over letters of quote on back of print out
Now flip your paper over and align it with your wood sign. Tape it in place.

Now trace each letter with a sharp pencil. It will transfer the carbon onto the wood below!

When you have finished transferring the design, it is time to paint!

At this point, all that is required is a steady hand and a fine tip paintbrush. I found that my dark grey paint colour took two coats to ensure there were no gaps.

And there it is! A beautiful hand-lettered sign that looks like you practiced your brush strokes for days!


If you want to make your own, I will email the template for the quote to everyone who:

* Signs up to follow the blog (or has already signed up!)


* Comments below that they would like a copy!


I also promised to show you my major DIY screw up. I was mounting the hardware on the back of my dry brushed pieces…measure once hammer twice, right?

Nails right through the front of one of my carved pieces. ARGH! 

A little wood filler and paint later, I was as good as new, but seriously, measure twice people! Haha!

XOXO Aubrey  


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