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How to Create a Living Moss Bowl

I feel like moss is finally getting the recognition it deserves. My whole childhood, I watched adults fight to kill it in their lawns, their driveways, their roofs.

Ok, I get that it can destroy a roof!

But I have always loved moss. I love squishing my bare feet down deep in the earthy carpet, wriggling my toes in its softness. I love the fairy kingdom it creates in the woods; the eerie silence it causes by absorbing the noise in the air. Moss is magic.

So when the decorating powers that be caught on to it, I was crazy excited. I also lived in Alberta and that spongy, soft moss was few and far between. Most moss was the dry type that hung in the trees. Or the kind on a shelf at Michael’s.

But now I am in moss central. My yard is full of rocks coated in moss. Trees coated in moss. A driveway…well, you get the picture!

So I borrowed a little from nature for my home decor needs. This is a super simple DIY:

1. Collect moss by gently lifting from its home.

2. Fill a bowl or pot with rocks and dirt and mulch. Basically whatever type of surface your moss was hanging out around.

3. Pull weeds and sticks and pine needles out of your moss.

4. Clump it onto the top of your soil and let it naturally sit in “blobs.” (The technical term, naturally.)

5. Ignore your husband when he sees one single solitary bug on the counter near your gorgeous decor accent.

I love the pop of colour in my bookshelf! Happy little moss bowls. Now I sound like Bob Ross. 

XOXO Aubrey

Side Note: I live somewhere where moss is insanely prolific. I also took it from my own yard. Some parks don’t allow collection of moss or sticks, so respect that. Also, don’t strip all your moss from one spot, or be a greedy guts and take more than you need. Leave some for the bugs and the fairies.


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