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Practicing New Techniques for Painting and Waxing

Ok, every DIY blogger loves a major flip with an awe inspiring reveal. The dark dresser become farmhouse chic, the dated kitchen gets a gorgeous new window.

But sometimes, I like to get a small project done. It doesn’t take forever, and it allows me to practice new techniques.

These wall hanging were that classic “fake Tahiti” look. AKA, super dark and kinda blah.

I knew I wanted them lighter. Shocking I know! Me, enjoy painting things white??? *sarcasm*

I love lightening up painfully dark wood. It is like I am paying debts for all the dark wood in my early 2000’s home style decisions. Heck, all the way to 2010…or longer…

So I had two matching wall hangings, and started off by giving them a quick once over with Country Chic All In One Decor Paint in “Simplicity.”

Kinda “meh.” Not exciting in the least. So I dry brushed some of Country Chic “Driftwood” on top of one, and then a thicker coat of that same colour on the other. It was getting better, but needed depth, so out came Country Chic Paint Wax in White.  YAAAAS! This was what I wanted!

The lighter one is my personal favourite. (Painters aren’t parents, we are allowed favourite children.)

The darker option is still soooo yummy though!

So now I have a new arsenal of techniques to use on larger pieces…like that little table. Once I solve its majorly wobbly legs, it is in line for a makeover.

Have you painted anything small and simple lately? Let me know in the comments!

XOXO Aubrey


4 thoughts on “Practicing New Techniques for Painting and Waxing

  1. The lighter one is also my favourite Aubrey! Gorgeous! Thank you so very much for sharing this… and LOL “Painters aren’t parents, we are allowed favourite children”… too funny, and so true!


  2. These turned out great! I also agree that the lighter one is my favorite, but both such a difference from the original. It never ceases to amaze me how much little projects can make a big difference.


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