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A Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

I am really starting to love mid-century modern furniture. Before, I was all French curves and farmhouse chic. Don’t get me wrong – I still LOVE those things. It’s just that lately, I’m loving things a little more Don Draper and a little less Marie Antoinette. Yeah, they both had huge egos and some serious character flaws, but that is neither here nor there…

Maybe we’ll just continue the old Mad Men theme and dub this little beauty “The Peggy.” Just as smart as Don, but warmer, and less likely to smell like yesterday’s whiskey.

Photo Credit : Chicago Tribune

Just like our girl, this table started out with a need for a serious makeover. She was a roadside rescue, and the previous owner had left her with a cracked top and peeling finish.

I filled the cracks, sanded and prepped the piece, and got started with Country Chic All-In-One Decor Paint in Rocky Mountain. This colour is beautiful and warm. 

Rocky Mountain is a less severe grey. It has brown undertones that warm it up. I love a steely blue-grey most of the time, but Rocky Mountain has won me over!

I sanded between coats for a smooth finish, and sealed the final coat with Country Chic’s Hemp Oil. Since this was a dark colour to begin with, I found that the oil only slightly deepened the colour. To be safe, I gave every surface at least one coat for colour consistency, and 3 coats on the tabletop.

And as proud as I am of the finished product, I think we can all agree that those brass leg caps just take the cake. In a world of copper, I love brass with patina!

Have I won you over to a love of mid-century modern?

XOXO Aubrey


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