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How to Update Furniture with Custom Colour

Furniture is surprisingly more sentimental than we often expect. In a world where we buy a lot of particle-board filled, disposable furniture, we can tend to forget that furniture can carry so much sentiment.It is part of why I love the most about refinishing older furniture. I have pieces that had stayed in families for multiple generations, pieces that have been saved from destruction to be a part of new memories, and pieces that hold a special place in someone’s heart.

This piece was a request by a customer to find a step-up side table, “the type she grew up with.” She was redecorating her family room, and wanted a piece that brought back some of her childhood memories. 

I grew up with step-up, or telephone tables too. My mom kept her wedding album tucked under that top tier. My customer’s parents kept the family phone on theirs. 

When we found this table, we agreed it was a great mix of sentimental style, and clean modern lines.

I sealed the piece first with primer, as it had awful tannins that threatened to bleed through!

I made a custom grey, a mix of 2 parts Hurricane and 1 part Simplicity of Country Chic’s All In One Decor Paint. The key to custom blends is precise measurements and make sure you stir, stir, stir!

The delightful carved details are painted in with pure Hurricane.

I adore the end result! I think the custom blend is a fabulous shade of grey. Hurricane is so versatile and can handle being lightened and still keep such wonderful depth of colour.

I am so excited to have this table in a family home – ready to make new memories and pass on some of that “furniture sentimentality” to the next generation!

XOXO Aubrey


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