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How To Bring the Glamour with a Glitter Tabletop

I am so excited this month to be part of the group at The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest!

This month’s contest is Showstopping TOPS with ETI Envirotex. ETI Envirotex has provided me with product compensation in order to complete my themed project. ETI Envirotex will also provide the prize package for the contest winner.

As I am usually a low-sheen chalk paint kind of gal, this was out of my wheelhouse. But what better to do than to use this opportunity to my advantage. Enter golden glass glitter, high-gloss top for the win. I was going full-on glam!

Ok – I am super excited to tell you all about this beauty, but first I want to highlight our Hosts; Evey, Christie, Scottie and Jessica!

I had been holding onto this “Frenchie” beauty for some time. I knew I wanted to do it justice. Pair that with the heavily damaged top, and it was ready for a full makeover!

So I got out of my comfort zone with the top, but when it came to colour, I chose a stormy, medium blue from Country Chic Paint. Yup, I love blues and greys! It paired deliciously with the gold glitter. And this isn’t just any glitter! German glass glitter is grown-up glitter. It is actually glass, so it catches the light beautifully. But it also takes a lot to seal it in without sharp bits poking up.

Enter Envirotex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish. This finish is a two part pour-on flood coat finish that equals up to 60 coats of varnish! It is self-levelling and dries to a high gloss finish without polishing.

It is VERY important to measure and mix the two parts equally, otherwise it may not set up correctly. Read the instructions a few times before you tackle your first project. Prep is also key – I bought cheap drop cloths and protected the floor, and also wrapped the table to avoid drips.

I would recommend having a partner in crime to mix while you pour. I did both and found it a difficult balancing act to do it all at once. Next time I will volun-tell the husband that he is on mixing duty!

After cleaning up bubbles and drips on the edge, as per the directions, I covered my work area with drop cloth to protect it from dust, lint and Kiely hair. She is cute, but she loves to investigate wet top coat!

Then I left it alone while it cured. I am so happy with the end result. Glitz, glam and GLITTER! The high gloss top makes the glitter catch every bit of light. I added gold paint to the feet to pull it all together. The new hardware was just the cherry on top.

Let me know in the comments – how do you like the high gloss and glitter?

If you are a Furniture Flippin’ type of blogger, and want to join in next time, contact for information on participating in future contests.

XOXO Aubrey


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