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His and Hers Side Tables with D. Lawless Hardware

After a long winter of rain, (I feel bad even complaining…most family and friends still have snow) I am so ready for flowers and pretty things!

So when the The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest® gave me the chance to FINALLY work with D. Lawless, I jumped on it!

Ok – maybe you thought I meant flowers and jewellery when I said pretty. For me, new furniture hardware TOTALLY counts.

This month’s contest theme is “Make It Pretty” (seeeee???) with D. Lawless Hardware. D. Lawless has provided me with product compensation in order to complete my themed project.

I have been hearing about the awesome selection at D. Lawless on pretty much every group I am part of, and they do not disappoint. If you have gone to countless hardware stores only to find they ALL have the same selection, or choked on the cost of cute hardware at gift shops…you need to get yourself to the D. Lawless website. Important bit of info: THEY SHIP TO CANADA. Woot woot!

So, a big thanks to Evey of Evey’s Creations and the whole FFFC crew for setting up this contest!

Evey | Scottie | Christie | Jes | Jodi

I bought these sad side tables ages ago. They have been in use in our bedroom, but did no favours to the look of my space. Why do master bedrooms always get ignored?

The stain was dated, but the hardware screamed 80’s mass production, not to mention a missing knob. I am notorious for liking “girlier” furniture makeovers, and I really wanted to bring some masculinity and weight to the room for these tables. But I also wanted my pretties.

So I decided to go “his and hers!” I once saw an episode of Nate Berkus where he gave the husband and wife different lamps beside the bed and I just loved it! In the immortal words of Stacey London “they don’t have to match, they have to ‘go’.”

Guess my exact age from those two name drops in one paragraph HAHA!

So both tables were stripped of the nasty brown stain, and they were painted with Country Chic Paint’s Midnight Sky. I then glazed them with Graphite glaze to darken and add some depth. The tops were sealed with hemp oil to show off the wood’s natural beauty.

Both side tables had the Rectangular Bin Pull in Bedford Nickel. Then I gave Colin a set of the Antique Knob in Bedford Nickel. I got a set of pulls I have been wanting for ages – the Mercury Glass Victorian Knobs. Just a touch more feminine for my side, and chunky aged hardware for his.

I just love the end result. Now to get inspired to finish the rest of our bedroom!

If you are a Furniture Flippin’ type of blogger, and want to join in next time, contact for information on participating in future contests.

XOXO Aubrey

Luscious and Lively


4 thoughts on “His and Hers Side Tables with D. Lawless Hardware

  1. These honestly took my breath away! Gorgeous! The colour! Love the his and hers idea….the girly glass knobs – so lovely! These look like totally different end tables. What a fabulous makeover!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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